6 Steps to Making Your Website GDPR Compliant

If you think you do not have to worry about the GDPR compliancy act because your clients are not in the EU, think again. If a single visitor from the EU looks at your website, then this law affects you. Take these 6 steps to make your website GDPR compliant.

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5 Signs Your Website Needs Updating

Some of the signs website needs updating are that it takes too long to load, is not responsive, fonts are too small, image quality is poor and lacks security. In this article I will examine how these issues can be resolved through a revamp.

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WordPress Blog Set Up

If you need some help in how to setup your wordPress blog look no further. In this article I a have laid out the steps along with some handy tools I recommend using to build your next blog.

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First Things You Should Do to Improve Your SEO

Baby Steps Are Needed When Improving Your SEO... How does Google find your website? Does it just magically appear in the search engines? There are important steps you should take when you launch your new website.  In this article I will explain just that. A friend of...

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Your Website has Gone Live – Now What?

You've built it - why haven't they come? You've hired a web designer to re-design your website so that it reflects your brand and meets your business' goals.  This process can take weeks, even months of work that includes building the sitemap, prototype, design,...

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