Create Social Media Graphics Easily and for Free!

Clients often ask me how they can create graphics for their blog post or to put on Facebook and Instagram. Canva is an awesome tool that is FREE and available on the web. It can help create any type of graphic you may need to share.

In this article I will show you  how to create social media graphics in 5 steps using canva. In fact, I will explain how I created the feature image in this post!

Set up a Free account

First you will need to set up an account with Canva. Just go to the website, and sign up for a free account. If you want to try their premium package, you can sign up for the basic package for $10/mos. The advantage of the premium package is that you can resize your graphics across multiple channels ie. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. with just one click. Creating social media assets can be time consuming so saving time by automating resizing is a big plus!

1) Select type of graphic you want to create

Once you have signed up for either the free or premium Canva account you will be able access the dashboard. Select the “Create a design” button on the left sidebar. Scroll down and you will find “Blog Banner”. This is  what I have used for the main image in this post.

2) Select your layout

Select “layouts” from the sidebar, and pick one that you like. I have selected this one.

Image to create social media graphics

I replaced the background image, by searching for a free image on Google. To do this go to Google, search for a keyword ie. designer, and then under “Tools” select “Usage Rights/ Labelled for Reuse”. You may need to provide your email address when you get the downloaded image, but at least it is free. Here is the image I found.

Social media icons

After downloading the image, in Canva, I select “Uploads” from the sidebar and find the image that I have just downloaded on my computer. Then I delete the image that was in the original design and drag and drop my new image into the layout. I also move the new image to the back, so it doesn’t cover the text.

3) Add text and graphics

Next you will want to add graphics and text to your image. I used the text from the original layout but centered it and changed the font size. I also added the Canva logo which can be found in the “Elements” on the sidebar.

4) Download to your computer

In the Canva dashboard select “Download” from the top right corner. If you have the premium account you can first resize your graphic and edit accordingly. If you are just trying out Canva and want to test it, you can download the single image for FREE.

5) Share on Social Media

Once the image is downloaded you can share it to your social media channels. Make sure that you use the proper sizing for blog posts, Facebook, Instagram etc. Here is a sizing chart that you can refer to.

Good luck in creating beautiful images with Canva. As I mentioned before I recommend this to all my clients so they can design and create their own social media graphics. If you need help to create social media graphics or a social strategy please, I would love to chat, please contact us.